Reliv Business Opportunity Review

Reliv International is a health, wellness and nutrition based company that has global presence. Robert Montgomery founded the company in 1988 with the intent to make quality health products for people around the world.  In addition to the health aspect the Reliv business has a strong business presence. The company is traded on the NASQAQ and they offer business opportunities to individuals who wish to become resellers of their products.As a business opportunity, Reliv International has provided success for many. The health based products range from nutritional supplements to snacks.  The original product, which is still offered, is a powered supplement.  Reliv International has since branched into other categories of wellness products with a few of the products being weight management mixes and sports drinks.  Unfortunately, in the distant past, a few claims against the Reliv business were brought to the attention of the FDA.  However, all of the products are US patented and have been put to the test with rigorous research, development and testing. To become a distributor for Reliv International there is an upfront application fee for $39.95.  While there is no minimum required upfront product purchase thought it is recommended that all distributors purchase ample Reliv business product in order to have enough supply on hand to fulfill orders.  This can increase distributors initial investment, however they do receive a profit on the products they sell.  Initially, all products are sold at a discount 25% to distributors.  Once products are sold at market price the distributor takes the 25% as profit.  Qualified Reliv business distributors may purchase products at a 40% discount further increasing their profitability. In addition to selling products a distributor is encouraged to create a down line.  By bringing additional Reliv business distributors to Reliv International an individual will earn additional income from the recruited distributors sales.  The down line is essential to continuous growth in profits.The companies recommendation is for distributors to build their success with the people they know first, then branch out for further marketing. The individuals who can continually obtain new Reliv business are the most successful. An individual’s success is dependent on new acquisition skills of the individual marketer.Unfortunately this companies’ recommendation for marketing is outdated especially when it comes to the internet world. This makes it difficult for distributors to market their businesses to international customers. This is actually a major issue with most business opportunities out there. The company lacks the training required to take its distributors into the internet age. However there is hope for the distributors who want expend their business globally may find many courses and tools that will teach then how to market to a global