Reliv Business Opportunity Review

Reliv International is a health, wellness and nutrition based company that has global presence. Robert Montgomery founded the company in 1988 with the intent to make quality health products for people around the world.  In addition to the health aspect the Reliv business has a strong business presence. The company is traded on the NASQAQ and they offer business opportunities to individuals who wish to become resellers of their products.As a business opportunity, Reliv International has provided success for many. The health based products range from nutritional supplements to snacks.  The original product, which is still offered, is a powered supplement.  Reliv International has since branched into other categories of wellness products with a few of the products being weight management mixes and sports drinks.  Unfortunately, in the distant past, a few claims against the Reliv business were brought to the attention of the FDA.  However, all of the products are US patented and have been put to the test with rigorous research, development and testing. To become a distributor for Reliv International there is an upfront application fee for $39.95.  While there is no minimum required upfront product purchase thought it is recommended that all distributors purchase ample Reliv business product in order to have enough supply on hand to fulfill orders.  This can increase distributors initial investment, however they do receive a profit on the products they sell.  Initially, all products are sold at a discount 25% to distributors.  Once products are sold at market price the distributor takes the 25% as profit.  Qualified Reliv business distributors may purchase products at a 40% discount further increasing their profitability. In addition to selling products a distributor is encouraged to create a down line.  By bringing additional Reliv business distributors to Reliv International an individual will earn additional income from the recruited distributors sales.  The down line is essential to continuous growth in profits.The companies recommendation is for distributors to build their success with the people they know first, then branch out for further marketing. The individuals who can continually obtain new Reliv business are the most successful. An individual’s success is dependent on new acquisition skills of the individual marketer.Unfortunately this companies’ recommendation for marketing is outdated especially when it comes to the internet world. This makes it difficult for distributors to market their businesses to international customers. This is actually a major issue with most business opportunities out there. The company lacks the training required to take its distributors into the internet age. However there is hope for the distributors who want expend their business globally may find many courses and tools that will teach then how to market to a global

Fairness and Tamil Girls

A look at the Tamil screen shows that the heroines are fair- skinned. The cinema in Tamil Nadu is almost like a staple diet for the people and no wonder a plethora of stars have made a successful entry into politics as well. Jayalalitha was one such politician- star. I have to make a point here and that is in a galaxy of heroines on the silver screen, I have yet to see a dark-skinned heroine. Even Jayalalitha the star turned politician (sadly she is no more) is milky-white in complexion. These fair complexioned stars contribute to a beauty culture in South India where skin-whitening creams outsell soft drinks. Yet the fact is that most Tamil and south Indian girls are dark- complexioned. I wonder why a dark complexioned girl cannot strike out in the Tamil film industry.

One aspect that is overlooked is that the ancient scriptures, epics, or folk tales in Tamil or for that matter in any Indian language, the good character is always portrayed as being fair in complexion. A beautiful princess is always without fail described as being fair and white as snow. This is a dangerous portrayal as it is suggesting that the fair are fair dealing and the dark complexioned has evil intentions. This view has been expressed by Shyamala Bhatia, an associate professor in history at the Bharati College, University of Delhi.

If you add that the white race ruled India and their women were white than it becomes clear why the concept of fairness being superior is embedded deep within the Indian psyche.

But even after the white rulers went away, India’s concepts of beauty has not changed. Thus milky-complexioned Tamil stars have led to a massive market for skin- lightening creams, the notion that white means beautiful is all pervading in South India. The word for fairness in Hindi is “GORI” and in Tamil it is Nērmai. I am afraid it will not go from the South Indian psyche.

I will close with a small anecdote. I had been called to give a guest lecture to students on the Law in Madras University. After the lecture I expected to be asked questions about the legal aspects of the lecture. Unfortunately all the girls surrounded me asked me what I did to keep my skin fair. I was nonplussed, as I don’t do anything and am a Punjabi, albeit fair skinned.

Wholesale Clothing and Apparel – Earning With Wholesale Clothing is As Easy As One, Two, Three

There is a high demand for wholesale clothing and apparel in eBay. As a matter of fact, year on year, the clothing category in eBay generates billions of sales on a global scale. eBay PowerSellers say that selling clothing and apparel is equally lucrative as the electronics business. With so many products being sold every minute in eBay, this virtual market has become a common term amongst consumers not just in the US, but around the world.Aside from women’s and men’s clothes, shoes, especially branded ones also sell like hotcakes online. In less than a minute, at least a hundred sellers have earned from eBay. No wonder there are so many small and large entrepreneurs alike who are lured to the call of eBay.If you want to become an eBay seller, it’s not that complicated. At the very least, you need to consider three important things to start your business and join those illustrious eBay PowerSeller.First, it’s best to identify your product niche. Do you want to sell women’s clothing? Or do you think you’re forte is more on accessories. Selling ladies’ shoes might be a good idea. Will you gun for branded or signature labels?eBay is flocked with millions of sellers day in day out. There are certain groups that prefer mainstream fashion, while there are those who prefer vintage unique items. In the process of determining the products you want to sell online make sure it’s something that of interest to you too. Your passion for selling also plays a role into this scheme.Traditionally, starting your own business would need a capital investment amount of which depends on how large your business venture is. However, a lot of PowerSeller in eBay did not start with large amount of money upfront. What most of them do is drop shop the products they sell. The method is drop shipping is so straightforward and has been proven to be an effective way to managing your online business. With drop shippers like Salehoo, you do not need to keep stocks of the products you sell, and you do not need to pay your supplier up front for any product that has not been sold yet.To find those perfect wholesale suppliers, you can choose to search the web and check one by one those you think can help your business. Instead of searching one site after another, you can opt to use Salehoo’s directory of wholesale suppliers. These are guaranteed legitimate and reliable, so you need not spend time verifying them.Those who discovered how to sell wholesale clothing online feel as if they struck oil. You can be one of them, if you plan carefully and consider these simple tips.