Stomp Out Self Sabotage – Your Business Success Depends on It!

Self sabotage is a real situation that is experienced by the best of us. In theory it makes sense, but logically it is very far from making any sense at all. Who would actually go out of their way and try to find ways to hold themselves back from success and moving forward? Okay, I’ll admit it… I do! And it really hurts my productivity.I have made a list of the top 3 ways that people sabotage their efforts. I am not thrilled to say this out loud, but I am doing all 3 of these things right now! Yes, I am actually finding ways to hold myself back. No, not on purpose, and I don’t feel like I am going out of my way to sabotage my efforts, but these are some things that just kind of sneaked up on me and they may sneak up on you. Look out for these unsupportable actions before your business productivity really drops:* Over promising and under delivering. In business it is the opposite that will help you excel and be successful. Everyone has hear that you want to under promise and over deliver, this way you look like the hero and a well organized and productive entrepreneur. When you over promise and under deliver, your prospects and clients may get the idea that you can’t handle the work, that you are not in integrity or that you just don’t care. Any one of those thoughts in your customer’s thought can put you right out of business.* Questioning if you really have what it takes. Don’t second guess yourself. Know what you want and take action to accomplish it. Your mindset is a very important element in reaching your goals! You have to believe it is possible and you have to surround yourself with people who believe in you. When you have some thoughts pop up like, “Who do you think you are? Or “Can I really do… do I have what it takes?”… You have to be your own best cheerleader and remind yourself that you can indeed do it, not only can you, but you will do it!!* Information Overwhelm. Biting off more then you can chew with new information, classes, and books can alter your confidence. Spending money and committing to learning more only sets you back unless you have made room in your life and schedule to take the new information into practice by taking action right away. This is especially difficult now that we are fully in the information super highway era! Great information and wonderful people are everywhere and ready to teach us some great new tricks. Be careful… be very careful!!Keep your eye on where you are looking to go. What is it that you want to accomplish? When you sense that self sabotage is entering your mind or environment, do whatever it takes to stop it before it settles in. Believe in yourself and know that if you can dream it then you can do it! Make it a daily habit to keep positive ideas and people in your life. When negativity tries to sneak in turn your focus to the vision of the result you are working toward and take action in that moment to move forward!

Video Marketing Outsourcing For Your Business

You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to create quality business productions that show off your products and services. Short 2 minute features to get your customers familiar with your company will work like a charm on dozens of free hosting sites such as YouTube, where millions of viewers a day visit to find information. Outsourcing your video marketing will get your business in front of the eyes of the world. This is the next big thing in online marketing. An Internet savvy overseas rep can cheaply and easily post videos as fast as you can make them.Let the customer take a virtual tour of your offices, warehouses, factory and let them meet your staff. Show how your products are used in the real world and show prospects testimonials from satisfied customers. This is very convincing marketing that builds trust and brand awareness. Video marketing success however, relies on the search engines being able to find your videos and match them up with the searcher. The YouTube search engine has recently passed up Yahoo! as the second most popular search tool by consumers. Your video needs to be properly tagged and optimized for the best results. That is where outsourcing can really shine.For as little as $5.00 an hour, an outsourced rep trained in video marketing can submit all of your company videos quickly and with the proper optimization to get the results you need. All you need to do on your part is to make as many videos as possible, showing off the best aspects of your business. Share with the world and create a global presence that will bring in new prospects from all over the Internet. This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss! Saving money with outsourcing is a given. But using a trained outsourcing firm to help grow your business is the next wave in Internet marketing. Growing your business and saving tons of money on labor costs…what could be better than that?Outsourcing is the answer to cheaply and effectively growing your business online. Get the answers your company needs today to take advantage of this wonderful new frontier in exposure.

Reliv Business Opportunity Review

Reliv International is a health, wellness and nutrition based company that has global presence. Robert Montgomery founded the company in 1988 with the intent to make quality health products for people around the world.  In addition to the health aspect the Reliv business has a strong business presence. The company is traded on the NASQAQ and they offer business opportunities to individuals who wish to become resellers of their products.As a business opportunity, Reliv International has provided success for many. The health based products range from nutritional supplements to snacks.  The original product, which is still offered, is a powered supplement.  Reliv International has since branched into other categories of wellness products with a few of the products being weight management mixes and sports drinks.  Unfortunately, in the distant past, a few claims against the Reliv business were brought to the attention of the FDA.  However, all of the products are US patented and have been put to the test with rigorous research, development and testing. To become a distributor for Reliv International there is an upfront application fee for $39.95.  While there is no minimum required upfront product purchase thought it is recommended that all distributors purchase ample Reliv business product in order to have enough supply on hand to fulfill orders.  This can increase distributors initial investment, however they do receive a profit on the products they sell.  Initially, all products are sold at a discount 25% to distributors.  Once products are sold at market price the distributor takes the 25% as profit.  Qualified Reliv business distributors may purchase products at a 40% discount further increasing their profitability. In addition to selling products a distributor is encouraged to create a down line.  By bringing additional Reliv business distributors to Reliv International an individual will earn additional income from the recruited distributors sales.  The down line is essential to continuous growth in profits.The companies recommendation is for distributors to build their success with the people they know first, then branch out for further marketing. The individuals who can continually obtain new Reliv business are the most successful. An individual’s success is dependent on new acquisition skills of the individual marketer.Unfortunately this companies’ recommendation for marketing is outdated especially when it comes to the internet world. This makes it difficult for distributors to market their businesses to international customers. This is actually a major issue with most business opportunities out there. The company lacks the training required to take its distributors into the internet age. However there is hope for the distributors who want expend their business globally may find many courses and tools that will teach then how to market to a global